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Resilience is an edifying self-help memoir on the life of Gabriel Harper. Gabriel’s goal is to reach deep into the mind, heart and soul of the reader and connect with them first through life experiences that shifted his entire world. The shifting of his world came by way of being exposed as a child to abuse, anger, not having a voice, the lack of validation and protection. These unresolved painful seeds from his childhood, grew inside of him as he became a man, which regrettably caused him to have severe control issues, deep rooted anger, a posture of defense, and a guarded and hard outer shell that blocked people’s genuine constructive criticism and turn it into personal attacks. Gabriel opens up in a real way for the very first time, writing about the deep-rooted generational behaviors that caused him to be terminated from jobs, a failed marriage, the loss of friends, family and relationships. Gabriel expounds on how these behaviors caused his life to feel stuck, stagnant and often times sad and depressed.

These behaviors lead the young minster down his own toxic path that was trying to destroy his life and purpose. For over 20 years, Gabriel struggled in life, trying to survive and win in his own marathon, not knowing he was carrying toxic generational behaviors that was passed down to him through the baton of his family. Gabriel opens up in a real way for the very first time, writing about the deep-rooted generational behaviors that he had to conquer in order to live his best life. Resilience equips the reader with the courage to face the very stubborn behaviors that has caused pain, setbacks, missed and failed opportunities. Gabriel the messenger, gives hope to fight for your freedom and aims to dismantle all fear and doubt.  Gabriel desires for the reader to win despite what they might not be able to see or fix at the moment.  Resilience was written to wake up the soul of the person, who is currently sleeping in their toxicity, existing in their private pains, still angry at the offense, and allowing destiny destroying behaviors to riddle their best potential of living a purpose driven life. Will you be the next Freedom Fighter?

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