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G. Harper Ministries, welcomes you to the online purpose driven and transformational video ministry!  It is Min. Harper’s desire for you to feel welcomed and loved regardless of where you are in the world.  Take a few moments and browse the biography of Minister Harper in the box (Meet G. Harp) and while your on the site, please click on (videos) and view the previous messages and current word of the month messages that Minister Harper has preached by way of real life experiences. What to expect from G. Harper Ministries is weekly and bi-weekly dynamic relevant videos that will help you in different areas of your life. These videos are geared to challenge, charge, convict and ultimately convert unbelievers to born again Christians.  

In vocational ministry for over ten years, Minister Harper has become renowned for his bold, down to earth, practical, and humorous approach to presenting the Gospel, which makes the Bible easy to understand for all ages and backgrounds. Minister Harper boldly tackles taboo issues and makes them approachable and takes complex subjects and makes them easy for everyone to understand. Click the link below to book Minister Harper as a guest preacher or wedding officiator.

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At the center of every relationship, be it a marriage, family bond, friendship, or even your relationship with yourself, there is a groundwork of respect, love, and acceptance. The skills Gabe teaches his clients signify the core ideals, feelings, and principles that form the center of every healthy relationship. Gabe primarily performs couples counseling but he also treats his clients on an individual basis as well, because being a good partner starts with finding inner peace as an individual.  Click the link below to book Gabe for either premarital or relationship counseling.

A mentoring relationship is developed when a person looks to someone else who is further along in their walk with God or in a certain area of ministry or skill to glean from that person's God-given wisdom and experience. As a mentor Gabe will shepherd others by providing them with counsel, consulting, guidance, instruction, and challenge but primarily by modeling. 

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Community Outreach

Every Thanksgiving the ministry locates a community that’s in need of food and a community that might not have a dinner, if not for the donations of our ministry. Minister Harper has partnered with Operation Peace, Inc. and made it his goals to feed 50 or more families!  With the help of family, friends and volunteers, we have blessed many families with a Thanksgiving dinner! If you have never experienced giving on this level, you should try it out this year! 


The Gates of Grace Community is a vision that God gave our founder, Gabriel Harper, to build multiple facilities on land for the battered women and children, independent living facilities for the eldery and transitional housing for the temporary homeless person. The Gates of Grace Community will provide people with a space of love, second chances in their careers, finances, relationships, and overall in their life. This community will give everyone a sense of safety and protection, healthy meals, showers, therapy, transportation and of course discipleship.

Giving & Donations
Your giving contributes to the vision

We are in the beginning stages of this vision and need faithful partners to help purchase, pray and serve at the new GGCC! If you have a desire to partner with the GGCC and give toward these endeavors, we would be forever grateful for your contributions or if you know of anyone that has access to these items and could possibly be a blessing to the ministry please let us know by reaching out to Minister Harper. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from every G Harp Apparel item purchased will go into the funds for the purchasing of the land.

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