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G Harp Apparel

Our purpose is to draw people to the light that shines within us, through our story of how Jesus redeemed us and continues to keep us through the trials and tribulations. It is our hope that when you wear the G. Harp Apparel, that  it will draw people to you, in order to enlighten the lost, encourage the lowly and lonely, to edify and quench the spiritually thirsty. When you wear the G. Harp Apparel, you are wearing the story of a man whose life is a living witness of God’s Grace, Mercy and Healing Power.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to use G Harp Apparel to help fund the land for, “The Gates of Grace Community”. The Gates of Grace Community is a vision that God gave our founder, Gabriel Harper, to build multiple facilities on land for the battered women and children, independent living facilities for the eldery and transitional housing for the temporary homeless person. 

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