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Minister Gabriel Harper is a multi-dimensional man who has devoted his life to changing lives. Today, he is a preacher, counselor, success coach, in-demand speaker, author on the horizon, philanthropist and entrepreneur. 

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Voage ATL - Meet Gabriel Harper

Gabe spent his formative years in the Carolina's where he grew up in church, singing in the choir, playing the drums and traveling with his fathers quartet group. Min Gabe knew at an early age that the Lord had his hands on him, by the dreams and visions to help people reach their highest potential within their divine purpose. From humble beginnings, through God’s amazing grace, he has defied statistics & transcended superficial boundaries. 


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Community Outreach Opportunities to Serve, Sow and Share.

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G Harp
The Speaker

As a traveled speaker and featured guest in both sacred and secular venues, Gabe has the unique ability to relate to audiences of all pedigrees at schools and colleges, businesses, organizations, churches and amongst executives. Gabe brings a relevant, passionate, thought provoking, encouraging and uplifting energy to every room he walks in. Book Gabe today for your event. 


At the root of every relationship, be it a marriage, family bond, friendship, or even your relationship with yourself, there is a groundwork of respect, love, forgiveness, emotional stability and acceptance that must be watered properly. The skills Gabe teaches his clients signify the core ideals, feelings, and principles that form the center of every healthy relationship. If you are looking for a new jump start and need healthy spiritual counseling, then  click the link below to book Gabe for either premarital or relationship counseling.

G Harp
the Counselor
G Harp
Master Class

Even greats like Michael Jordan have coaches to help them reach the zenith of their potential. Because of his commitment to changing lives for God's glory, Gabe became a success coach and offers one-on-one mentorship for life and spirituality through coaching sessions. Resilience Master Class will guide you to recapturing your cutting edge and help you to remove the dull  patterns and personal challenges in your life. Resilience Master Classes Coming First Quarter of 2021! 


Every first and third Friday of the month the Real, Righteous and Relevant podcast series with founder and creator G. Harp will bring to you the Triple R effect, that will be hundred, helpful and healing!  

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G Harper Ministries

G Harper Ministries welcomes you to the  community outreach ministry. G. Harper Ministries aims to provide a range of services that can help enhance the lives of individuals and families. G Harper Ministries specializes in providing spiritual, physical, and vocational needs for the least, the lost and looked over.    In the future, G. Harper Ministries will purchase land and build, "The Gates of Grace Community."


G Harp Apparel is a faith based company in Atlanta, GA that aims to bring life and laughter to the “Black Church Rhetoric”. Not only do we aim to bring life and laughter, our goal is to display real life testimonies, rich tradition and Biblical truths on our apparel. Our apparel aims to reach the young and elderly, by telling a story of Jesus Christ who lives.

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Let's Chat

Gabe loves to connect with people. Outside of scheduling a session or chatting during live streams, social media is one of the best ways to connect with Gabe. He cares about you and your prayer request. He believes it will soon be a praise report. No request is too big or too small and once you submit it, he will cover you and your request in prayer.

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